Kitchen Extract Cleaning

 Kitchen Extract Cleaning | Restaurant Ductwork Cleaning

Kitchen Extract Cleaning - HML are highly experienced and offer an efficient, cost- effective kitchen extract cleaning service throughout the UK

We can help you ensure your kitchen ductwork cleaning conforms to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

We are equally pleased to look at National Contracts or simple one-off deep cleans, degreasing, grease cleaning or condition surveys

Kitchen Extract Ductwork Cleaning

Kitchen Extract Cleaning | Restaurant Extraction Cleaning | Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning

HML have decades of experience providing specialist kitchen extract cleaning services for the catering sector.  Our nationwide service includes:-

  • Large or small jobs carried out anywhere in the UK
  • All ductwork cleaning work is guaranteed and carried out as recommended in HVCA TR/19 (internal cleanliness in ventilation systems)
  • All work will be carried out in a clean & tidy manner with minimum disruption.
  • Photographic `Post Clean Reports` provided free of charge

Hygienic Maintenance Ltd offer a highly professional & competitively priced kitchen extract cleaning service to ensure your cooking extract systems are maintained in a safe and hygienic condition, at all times.  We will be pleased to carry out a one-off clean / risk assessment or develop a total management programme to suit all budgets & requirements.

If your ducts require degreasing or any level of grease cleaning, we can help your catering business achieve the required standards of cleanliness.  With deep duct cleaning, particularly grease that has built up, we recommend a deep clean followed by maintenance visits. 

Arms Reach Kitchen Extact Ductwork Cleaning

This photograph highlights a particularly common problem whereby only an `Arms Reach` of the ductwork is cleaned, leaving potentialy hazardous deposits in the system.

It is essential that kitchen/cooking extract systems are cleaned thoroughly if any fire risk is to be minimised.

Restaurant Extract Cleaning Services we provide

  • Risk assessments and condition surveys
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen canopies, filters, ductwork and fans
  • Filter supply and changes
  • Planned monitoring and kitchen ductwork cleaning maintenance programmes

Please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss you precise kitchen extract cleaning requirements.  Click on the banner above to organise a quote for your kitchen extract cleaning requirements.

It is always advisable to speak to your insurance company prior to the implementation of this type of work.