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Ductwork Cleaning

 National Ductwork Cleaning Services

The `Associated Code of Practice from the Health and Safety Commission` requires that `All mechanical ventilation systems should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air`

HML can help you establish and maintain excellent standards of ductwork cleaning and ventilation `Health & Safety` in your building(s):

  • Large or small jobs carried out anywhere in the UK
  • All ductwork/system cleaning is guaranteed and carried out as recommended in HVCA TR19
  • All work will be carried out in a clean, tidy & professional manner, with minimum disruption
  • Access doors fitted as required
  • Photographic `Post Clean Reports` will be provided free of charge

Why Should I Look After My Ventilation System?

Apart from the legal requirement itself, the build up of dirt & microbiological contaminants in ventilation systems can be responsible for symptomatic fatigue & illness in people exposed to the supplied air.  Furthermore, systems will not work efficiently if they are contaminated with debris and expensive downtime and maintenance may result.

Building Managers' `Personal` Responsibilities

If you or your department are responsible for the maintenance & safety of buildings, it is vital that current Health, Safety and Fire recommendations are complied with, should a problem occur and negligence can be shown there could be serious implications for the individuals involved.

HML will always be pleased to discuss your specific needs and develop a suitable `programme` to ensure you are not in a vulnerable position & comply with up to date requirements.  Our advice, and technical support will cost you nothing so why not get in touch contact us.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Services

We offer a complete service from initial `Risk Assessment`, deep cleaning of plant & ductwork through to Planned Monitoring & Management Programmes including:

  • Deep Cleaning of Air Handling Plant & Associated Ductwork (Detailed post clean summary reports will always be provided)
  • Kitchen Extract Cleaning & Fire Risk Assessments
  • Risk Assessments, Photographic & Full Condition Surveys of Plant & Ductwork Distribution Systems.
  • Deep Cleaning of Kitchen Areas
  • Monitoring Programmes
  • Filter Supply & Replacement
  • Repairs & Modification to Systems
  • LEV/Fume Cupboard Testing & Cleaning
  • Specialist Cleaning Services for Equipment & Buildings