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HSG 202

HSG202 - HSE Health & Safety Executive General Ventilation in the Workplace - Guidance for Employers.

HSG202 defines employer legal general ventilation requirements and advises on how to achieve the standard required.  As well as outlining general principles of ventilation and methods of assessing the effectiveness of systems, it also makes clear the laws applying to the maintenance, cleaning and hygiene of ventilation systems.

The regulations apply to all commercial, educational and healthcare premises. 

All ventilation systems used to provide fresh air must be regularly cleaned and tested by law.

HSG202 sets out the general rule that if a finger is run along the opening of a duct and it collects dust, then it needs cleaning.

It defines the health effects of inefficient ventilation, including tiredness, lethargy, headaches, skin irritation and eye irritation, and Sick Building Syndrome.

HML are able to survey, test, issue reports and make recommendations, as well as clean ventilation systems in accordance with these guidelines.


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